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Thanks for stopping by our Chicago Amps web site. Not sure if you've heard of us but we're getting a reputation in the west suburbs as a shop to go to when others have given up. We use state of the art test equipment and 30 years of electronic experience to repair tube and solid state amplifiers for guitar, bass, harmonica, keyboards, microphones and accordians. We also provide circuit modifications, custom amplifier builds and complete restoration services. Reasonable rates with free estimates.

Repairs, Mods, Restoration & Custom Builds

Being players ourselves we understand the concept of the amp as an instrument, the value of tone and work hard to make sure your equipment is as reliable on stage or in the bedroom as it is in our shop.

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We see a lot of gear and WE LOVE TO BUY, SELL AND TRADE guitars, amps, tubes and other stuff. Email us with what you have or what your looking for, or if you just want to be on our mailing list. Also CHECK OUT THE GEAR FORSALE PHOTOS regularly as we will be posting more gear soon.

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